Career Advancement Counseling

Career Advancement Counseling

Are you unemployed, underemployed, or in a “dead-end” job?

Are you feeling stuck in an unsatisfying career?  Is your current job a mismatch with your skills, abilities, and work values?  Are you wanting to go back to school but having difficulty in figuring out where to start?

Career Counseling at Wellness Matters
Career  Advancement Counseling at Wellness Matters
Do you want to enjoy going to work in a career that matches your skills, abilities, and work values?

Do you lack confidence about pursuing a career that might be outside of your comfort zone?

Are you unclear about what careers and job opportunities are “out there” that match your interests?  Are you needing assistance finding an education or training match to advance your career?

Working together, we can match your skills, abilities, and work values to existing career options!

We will use a variety of career inventories to identify strengths and then research related careers.  I will walk beside you as you explore the training and/or educational opportunities needed for career change or advancement that best suits your wants and needs. 

I will assist in problem solving logistical, relationship, or financial challenges that your journey entails.  This process will ease your fears of the unknown and help you get “unstuck” from your current situation.

With experience as a Certified Global Career Counselor, I am knowledgeable and experienced at working with people of all ages.

I personally understand both the process and challenge of changing careers.  My approach is to gather information from a variety of career resources to help you make decisions about your future. For those in transition to retirement, my approach is to assist in finding other ways to find purpose in life beyond earning a paycheck.

I believe that a fulfilling work life is achievable!   

I am here to work with you while you explore any number of careers that could be a match and take steps toward fulfilling your dream.

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