Chronic Pain Counseling

Chronic Pain Counseling

Are you sick and tired of being “sick and tired?”

Have you stopped doing the things that you enjoy because of your pain?   Do you suffer in silence because everyone is tired of listening to you talk about it?  Have you been told by your doctors that your pain is “all in your head”?

Do you feel hopeless that things will never get better?

Does your doctor tell you that you “have to learn to live with it”?  Do you want to climb out of the pit that chronic pain has you in?

Chronic Pain Counseling at Wellness Matters
Chronic Pain Counseling at Wellness Matters
Are you skeptical that “talk therapy” can help your pain?

Do you feel that it will be a waste of time?  Do you worry that you will have to stop taking helpful medications?  Are you afraid that your therapist will make you focus on your pain?

“Talk therapy” for managing pain is just one facet of an integrated approach. 

Having a chronic condition which is painful and difficult to manage is often stressful and depressing.  Learning how to identify, manage, and reduce stress is one focus of my therapeutic approach. We are experienced at working with chronic pain clients at a pace and in a way that is comfortable for each person.  Treatment planning involves experimenting with things that are helpful to your individual needs and preferences.  Our approach is structured to help you improve functioning within just a few sessions.  

 We honor that “you are the expert in you”.

You are the one who knows what increases pain, what lessens pain, and what has no effect.  We are interested in learning about factors that have culminated in your current pain.  We want to hear about your medical history (i.e., surgeries, complications, illnesses, medical conditions, etc.) to better understand how your body has been conditioned to transmit pain signals.

Our clients report increased involvement in daily life activities and improved life satisfaction. 

We have had success in helping people improve daily functioning, reducing frequency and severity of flareups, and finding a way to climb out of the pit of chronic pain into the light of day.

Find hope for a better tomorrow!

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