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In-Home Therapy

Do you want counseling but have difficulty getting to the clinic?    

Are the logistics of attending an appointment a barrier to getting the help you want and deserve?  Do transportation, medical, or other issues make it difficult to leave your home to attend appointments?  Is it difficult to get away due to your obligations at home?

In-Home Therapy - Counseling by Wellness MattersDo you want to look forward to getting help rather than dreading it?

Have you received mental health services before and found the process of entering a crowded clinic so uncomfortable that you didn’t go back?  Have you experienced your privacy being violated when other clients talked about seeing you?  Do you struggle with social anxiety or have physical barriers that make leaving your home difficult?

Would you like the convenience of therapy “coming to you”?

In-home therapy takes place at the home of a person rather than in an office. Whether home is an apartment, a house, assisted living or nursing home, Wellness Matters staff may be able to provide services in the comfort of your surroundings.  In-home therapy can help people who have difficulty getting to a clinic due to finances, mobility, medical or mental health issues.

Are you wondering what an “in-home” session would look like?

In-home counseling is usually provided at the kitchen table or in a living room.  Choosing when and how often in-home therapy sessions occur depends on what works for you and your therapist.  In-home therapy can be used occasionally, as a supplement to office sessions, or as the main approach. 

In-home services are normally covered by insurance companies to the same degree that in-clinic services are covered.

Wellness Matters staff are experienced in providing in-home services, recognizing that this setting is sometimes more accessible and therapeutic.

Rita and Sandy desire to provide services to underserved populations who may be homebound, reside in assisted living facilities, etc.

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