Weight Management and Pre-bariatric surgery counseling

Weight Management Counseling

Weight Management

Are your food choices negatively affecting your health or happiness?

Are you effective in other areas of your life only to feel out of control when it comes to food?   Are you obsessed with the scale, getting on it more than once per day?  Do you binge or purge in secret?  Do you struggle to find clothes that fit properly?  Do you spend a lot of time choosing clothes to hide your body?

Weight Management counseling at Wellness MattersDo you want to feel comfortable in your own body?

Do you feel guilty about putting yourself first?   Do you wonder how therapy can help with weight management? Do you feel that getting professional help is too expensive?

I understand your struggles and know the evidenced-based methods for managing weight in a healthy manner and for feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

I joined my first weight loss program when I was in sixth grade!  As an adult, I have undergone my own journey of losing 50+ pounds and keeping it off.  I have ten years of professional experience in helping others achieve their weight management goals.  My therapeutic methods lead to health-sustaining choices that also spill over to improving relationships with self and loved ones.  In many cases, we may be unknowingly “self-medicating” anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, etc. with carbs and sugar.  These mental health issues are covered by insurance to the same degree as physical health concerns.

I can help you take small steps that will lead to big results!

Whether you struggle with body image issues, excess weight that is interfering with living life to its fullest or binging/restricting/purging, I understand these issues and can help you achieve your weight management goals and improve your relationship with food.

Take control of your life today!

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Bariatric Surgery

Are you feeling resentful about being required to have pre-bariatric surgery counseling?  Are you struggling with weight gain a year or more after bariatric surgery?

Are you finding it difficult to give up sugar, carbs, caffeine, or alcohol as part of your food plan?  Do you feel guilty about being dishonest with your dietitian about your food choices?  Do you dread taking the required vitamin and mineral supplements?  Are you worried that you might gain your weight back?  Do you feel that your partner or family is being unsupportive?

You choose the path to post-surgery struggle or success!

Post-surgery success will depend in a large part on your ability to make sustained behavioral changes.  The time to “practice” behavior change is both before and after surgery.  I can help you become the “master of habit change.”

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Counseling at Wellness Matters HealthAre you hoping to finally be happy and comfortable in your own skin, doing the things that you have stopped doing due to your weight?

Do you feel that you are too busy to attend even more appointments prior to your surgery?  Are you annoyed or angry about being recommended to have a mental health assessment or counseling in order to be approved for bariatric surgery?   Are you tired of being judged or shamed about your struggle to manage your weight?

I am aware of the numerous appointments that pre-bariatric patients are required to attend and will make sure that your time with me is “time well spent.”

I will quickly get down to the core issues and will de-mystify the psychological connection to excess weight.  I have observed many people underestimate the role that sugar, carbs, caffeine, or alcohol have played in their daily happiness – until they have to go without them.  I will help you through the “bumps in the road” after surgery so that you can achieve a healthy weight with the least amount of medical complications and the maximum amount of happiness.  I have more than five years of experience in helping dozens of people prepare for successful bariatric surgery and adjust comfortably to the changes thereafter.  Many clients who are “required” to obtain an assessment or counseling found my assistance beneficial and continued in services with me to gain support in other life areas.

I am here to support you in whatever way you need as you begin or continue this exciting new chapter in your life.

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