Substance Use

Wellness Matters provides “co-occurring” services for persons struggling with both a mental health challenge (i.e., anxiety depression amongst the most common) and a substance use difficulty.

30+ years of research show that most people who overuse or abuse substances have a co-occurring mental health struggle.  Integrated treatment for both issues at the same time is proven to be the most helpful and have the best outcomes.  We have dual-licensed staff who are educated, trained, and licensed to treat both at the same time.  When treating co-occurring disorders, both diagnoses are considered “primary.”

Do you struggle with shame or regret about your inability to control your drinking or drug use?

Do you avoid family and friends?  Do you use in secret or hide evidence of your drinking or drug use?  Are your loved ones “on your back” to cut down or quit?

Do you want to keep using, despite knowing that it is causing problems?

Do you wish that you could just drink or use “in moderation”?  Are you afraid that you will be required to quit if you seek help?  Have you tried treatment only to return to using as soon as you were done?

We will review your goals for yourself, differentiating them from the goals that others have for you.

We will examine relationship dynamics that may be negatively affected by substance use.  We will explore your motivation for change.  We will examine how change occurs and identify small action steps towards your goals.

Are you concerned about your privacy?

Wellness Matters office location was chosen with privacy in mind – we are conveniently located while having a relatively private entrance.  Furthermore, Wellness Matters is  small, having only two offices that have “off-set” schedules in order to limit contact between clients in the lobby.  These factors combine to provide a confidential and comfortable counseling experience.

We also offer tele-health services which makes accessing services more accessible for clients across the state of Minnesota.  No more worries about being seen accessing services for difficulties that are often viewed negatively by the public, employers, friends and family.   Your privacy matters to us!

Collectively, we have 30+ years of experience in serving people as they change and make progress towards their goals.

We are experts in helping patients identify and meet their own goals.

Wellness Matters provides “co-occurring treatment” for people who have both active mental health and substance use disorder diagnoses. When both diagnoses are active, the mental health diagnosis will be billed to the insurance company. In those instances where clients do not have a mental health diagnosis and are not able/willing to self-pay for substance use disorder treatment, Wellness Matters staff will assist in coordinating care with a clinic that bills insurance for substance use treatment. Contact Wellness Matters for a free 15-minute consultation or to make an appointment:

Contact Wellness Matters for a free 15-minute consultation or to make an appointment:

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