Faith Matters

Do you feel broken and at a loss for hope in this world?

Do you have doubts about your faith?

Do you wonder whether God truly loves you?

Do you try hard to be a good person and feel like you fail as a Christian?

Do you feel that God doesn’t love you or care about you?

Do you desire to be confident that God has a plan for you?

Are you afraid of being judged?

Do you wonder who God is and what the Gospel really means?

Are you worried that you are not good enough?

Are you frustrated with the church community in today’s world of unrest and skepticism?

We will meet you where you are at in terms of your faith or spirituality issues. Rather than telling you what to believe, we believe in serving people as they sort out what they believe.

Whether or not you were “raised in the church,” we can help you reconcile what it means to be a Christian, understand who God is, and what the Gospel means for you as a Christian.

Some Wellness Matters’ therapists have had specific education and training in Christian counseling.  See the “About Us” tab and read up on the biographies of Sandy and Carolyn who can help you explore your spiritual questions and live a faith-filled life, despite living in a world of unrest and skepticism.

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