Relationship Counseling

Why get relationship counseling?

Conflicted, fractured, disconnected, or estranged relationships are often a major source of personal stress. Obtaining relationship counseling can be helpful for changing the trajectory of a dynamic that is veering off-course or that is unsustainable in its current state.

Caregiver Fatigue

Are you physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted from caring for a family member?

Are you getting sick more often? Do you feel irritable, blue, or hopeless? Have you withdrawn from friends and family?

Do you feel guilty about spending time doing things for yourself?

As airplane passengers, we are instructed to put on our oxygen masks first before assisting others. As caregivers, we are often so busy caring for and trying to fulfill the demands of others that we neglect our own emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

We can help!

We are here to listen to you as you share your concerns. We understand that caregivers may not feel comfortable opening up to family and friends because we also know that it is acceptable to “put on a brave face.” We can help you sort out and clarify roles, expectations, and demands. We can help you find a path forward that supports your physical and mental health.
Not only can we meet with you, be we can also connect you to other local resources that meet your needs—if that is what you desire.

Couples or Family Counseling

Relationships counseling by Wellness Matters

Do you find yourself growing farther and farther apart from your partner or family member?

Has unresolved conflict led you to staying quiet in order to avoid arguing? Are you lonely even though you are in a committed relationship? Does everything that your partner or family member say or do irritate or annoy you?

Can your on-going conflicts as a couple or family be overcome?

Do you wish that you could just get along and enjoy each other’s company? Are you worried that it’s “too late”? Are you wondering how it would be possible for counseling to help when you’ve tried everything, and nothing has helped? Are you reluctant to share about how bad things have really gotten?

Couples and family counseling is learning about how “relationship” patterns are set in childhood.

Once you understand how your unique background shape your perspectives, wants, needs, and strategies for navigating relationships, you can strengthen those that are working, identify those that are unhelpful, and learn alternative methods for each person getting their needs met. You will discover a way to find the strengths in your differences. You will learn how to stop “assuming,” move away from “absolutes” (i.e., always/never), shift from “winning the argument” to “solving the problem,” and practice using “I” statements for healthier, more constructive discussions.
There is hope that you can feel better, even if your partner or family member is not willing to participate!

One person getting help and learning alternative ways to cope often has a ripple effect on relationship dynamics. Please call or text Wellness Matters for a free 15-minute telephone consultation, to get more information, or to schedule an appointment.


Due to the sensitive nature of couple’s counseling, a thorough intake process is in place to determine the safety and appropriateness of couple’s counseling, Part of the screening process will include providing information around intimate partner violence, assault and/or arrest history, infidelity issue or concerns, and substance use/abuse status and history. Potential couple’s clients will also be requested to complete full Releases of Information with: any current or past mental health providers, substance abuse treatment providers, probation agents, child protective service workers, etc. Upon completion of the information gathering process, the information will be jointly reviewed by Wellness Matters staff and a determination made as to whether the couple will be accepted for couple’s counseling.

Note: If there is current, recent, or past acts of violence and/or current (i.e., within the last six months) substance use concerns, such couple’s will be declined for the provision of couple’s counseling. However, emotional regulation skill building, parenting, and/or communication skills are available to be received on an individual basis.


Do you find you are often in conflict with your children or step-children?

Do you have trouble setting limits for your children or step-children? Do you struggle with follow through? Are you concerned about the world your children are growing up in? Are you worried about the long-term effect of electronic devices? Do you find yourself in the position of now raising your grandchildren or other children within your family?

Are you struggling with trying to be a “good” parent in a world that seems to be “anti-family”?

Do you want to raise your children, step-children or grandchildren in a loving, supportive home? Are you feeling like you are being labeled as a “bad” parent? Are you stressed out about parenting to the point that you “just don’t want to deal with it anymore”? Are you skeptical of or lack understanding around alternative parenting strategies?

Being a parent/step-parent is not easy! All parents “blow it” sometimes!

You are not alone and there is only so much that you can control as a parent. I can help you look at what is most important for your family and learn additional tools to guide your children.

“Talk therapy” for reducing the stress of parenting in today’s world is just one tool in a whole “toolbox” of things that may be helpful. I will help you learn parenting strategies that are specific to your identified family issues.

Our approach:
Our approach is to build on the positive by working together with families to find their strengths first and helping each family member understand his/her role. By understanding family rules, boundaries and communication patterns, family members are all involved in strengthening the family unit.

Parents, Step-Parents, and Grand Parents — there is hope!

Family dynamics are constantly changing; just when you think you have a handle on one stage of your children’s lives, they are on to the next stage! Sometimes just stopping to enjoy the “parenting ride” is needed to realize the positive experiences that are there! We just need to keep our eyes open for those experiences. Other times, there are serious issues that may come up as a parent. We are here to help in those times, too.

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